COUNCIL 2082 It was fitting that the first Council of the Knights of Columbus should be formed at Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. The community had a large Catholic population; rich in Catholic heritage, dating hack to the 1600's the early days of the Missionaries who traveled up the Ottawa River.  And so it was that on January 28, 1900, the First Council in Ontario, Ottawa Number 485, was established.   The Upper Ottawa Valley towns were not long in following, and it was on January 13, 1920, just 20 years later, that Arnprior Council 2082 came into being.   The first Council within the confines of Pembroke Diocese was instituted at Pembroke on January 15, 1911, with Eganville Council 1549 following shortly thereafter, April 19, 1911, and Renfrew Council 1916 organized September 4, 1918.   Following the institution of Arnprior Council, meetings were held in various locations, among which were rented halls situated over the William Laderoute Barber Shop, and later the upper floor of the Galvin Block, latterly the Beamish Block which was destroyed by fire.   While located in the Galvin Block, the operating expenses including rent, electricity, caretaker's honorarium, and fuel (which had to be carried up a long stairway at the rear of the building), amounted to approximately $175 per month, in those days 1946, a considerable amount. But the members managed to maintain clean) well appointed quarters which included a meeting hall somewhat larger than our present quarters, a card room, lounge area and a small kitchen. Later the Knights held their meetings in St. Joseph's School auditorium until the new Parish Hall was completed.   If our readers will pardon personal reference, any history of the Knights of Columbus in Arnprior would be incomplete, an injustice to the membership of Council 2082 as well as the Parish as a whole, if mention was not made of the fact that quite possibly there is not another Council within the Order in North America situated within a community of six thousand people, that can boast that it has given to the Order, two State Deputies, a State Secretary, and a State Warden, besides several outstanding District Deputies.   The first Grand Knight of Arnprior Council, the late R. A. Jeffery, served as State Treasurer for Ontario, and subsequently was elected State Deputy for the Province, the highest office among Canadian jurisdictions, for the terms 1925-28.   Again for the years 1957-59, another Grand Knight of Arnprior Council, Leo J. Lavoie, who had completed three years as Grand Knight of his home Council, was elected to the office of State Deputy becoming one of the youngest chief officers in the history of the Order in Ontario. Lavoie had previously served as State Warden, State Advocate, State Treasurer and State Secretary. Following his terms as State Deputy, he edited the Ontario State Bulletin for fifteen years.   In the years 1944-46, another former Grand Knight of Arnprior in the person of WI. John Thompson, was elected State Warden of the Ontario State Council, after having served three years as Grand Knight of Council 2 Thompson established a name for himself as the host Grand Knight of the down-town Knights of Columbus war-time hostel which were the clubrooms of the local Council then in the Galvin Block. John had previously served several years as Financial Secretary of Council 2082.   But perhaps the best ever known Knight of Columbus that Council 2082 has produced was the late J. W. C. "Cloud" Tierney, who but for the outbreak of the Second World War, most certainly would have been elected State Deputy of Ontario following the term of Philip Phelan of Ottawa.   Tierney chose to become a member of the newly organized Knights of Columbus Canadian Army Huts, and during the last half of hostilities, he was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of the entire overseas organization, a position that kept him constantly traveling throughout the entire theatre of war. He served overseas from August 1940 to December 1946.   Cloud Tierney was among the most popular of State Board executives in his capacity as State Secretary when the war erupted. He had been drafted by the Supreme Board of Directors to travel throughout the Ontario jurisdiction speaking in the interests of the Order, a job that kept him moving about for at least a month.   While listed as a sort of co-author of the post-war Knights of Columbus book entitled "War Services Of Canadian Knights of Columbus 1939-1947," Cloud Tierney, we venture to say, was the driving force behind the publication. Too much credit cannot be given to this outstanding Catholic gentleman.   Arnprior Council Knights of Columbus, although one of the smaller units in Ontario, maintains top rating among all of the provincial Councils. Exceptional leadership by all of the Grand Knights down through the years,, coupled with equally strong executive officers, Arnprior Council delegates to the annual State Conventions are held in high esteem by their peers. Space does not permit the relating of the tremendous charitable works of Arnprior Council Knights of Columbus and their assistance with parochial projects. Perhaps, the best way to put it is to say that the local Council try to, and do, live up to the Principles of the Order, namely, Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. Among the District Deputies were: J. W. C. Tierney, C. A. Mulvihill, K.C., Leonard J. Mullin, John R. ilavey, Arthur J. St. Hilaire, C. S. Mulvihill, Q. C., David Schefter.   The Knights of Columbus was founded in 1882, in the basement of St. Mary's Catholic Church in New Haven, Connecticut, by Father Michael J. McGivney and a handful of Catholic laymen. The aim of the founder and those first members was to set up a parish-based lay organization that offered insurance benefits. In an era when parish and fraternal societies were popular, Father McGivney felt there should be some way to strengthen the religious faith of his flock and provide financial support for families overwhelmed by illness or the death of the breadwinner.    Today the Knights of Columbus have grown from that one local unit, or council, to nearly 11,000 councils in the United States (including Puerto Rico and Guam), Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Panama, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Guatemala, and Saipan.    Membership is nearly 1.6 million dues-paying members plus their families - approximately 4.5 million people total - many of whom are actively involved in volunteer service programs for the Catholic Church, their communities, their families, young people and one another.    The Knights of Columbus, the world's largest organization of Catholic men and their families, has been called "the strong right arm of the Church," and has been cited by popes, presidents and other world leaders for support of the Church, for programs of evangelization and Catholic education, for civic involvement and aid to those in need.    Taken from THE CHURCH ON THE HILL: A History of St. John Chrysostom Parish 1857-1982 by LEO J. LAVOIE. Visit the Arnprior Council 2082 website. Visit the Knight's of Columbus International website.
God asks little, but He gives much.  -Saint John Chrysostom
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Arnprior - Braeside CWL March 14, 1924, was a great day in the history of St. John Chrysostom's Parish for it was on that date that the local sub- division of the Catholic Women's League received their Charter and immediately they began what has to be a tremendous record of achievement in the annals of St. John Chrysostom Parish.   Established during the Pastorate of Right Rev. Monsignor Bernard J. Kiernan, the Catholic Women's League ladies of Arnprior, have to a very high degree, lived by their motto "For God and Canada," rendering 0utstanding service to their Creator, His Church, and the people of this entire community regardless of creed or color.   With the granting of the Charter back in 1924, the ladies elected as their First and Charter President, Eliza A. Mulvihill, and since that time the local sub-division can boast some of the finest leaders in the society comparable to any throughout Canada. The first 5ecretary was a prominent social worker of the time in the person of Annie Sharpin.   It is impossible to enumerate the host of social and charitable works accomplished by the local sub-division since that memorable day back in 1924. The Council has been noted year after year, for its spiritual and corporal works on behalf of the Membership, the Parish, and the community at large.   One cannot let this piece be completed without mentioning the sponsorship and the direction of what came to be a great tradition in Arnprior, the annual CWL sponsored St. Patrick's Day amateur play and musical.   Through the dedication of the ladies, some competent thespians were developed, some of whom could 2onceivably have gone on to greater heights in the field of histrionics if they had so wished. This could never have happened but for the sponsorship and guidance of the CWL who had arranged for able assistance from professional people including Miss Mae Rouselle, formerly of the local High School teaching faculty, a master of elocution, as well as Harry L. Hayes of Ottawa.   The sponsorship of the St. Patrick's Day show, however, is only one of the tangible projects of the league. Innumerable are their works of charity unknown to the general public, but maintained scrupulously down through the years.   Perhaps among the significant highlights of the Catholic Women's League in Arnprior was the occasion of their Golden Jubilee Celebration in 1974. Featuring the celebration, which took place June 2 was the Mass of Thanksgiving celebrated by Rev. E. J. Murray, the CWL Chaplain for the Diocese of Pembroke, in St. John Chrysostom Church.  The homily, delivered by Rev. Donald McLeod, O.M.I., paid tribute to the work of CWL both nationally and within the Parish confines of Arnprior.  Sister Isobel Oatway, one-time Vice-President of the society, directed the Junior Choir of St. Joseph's and John XXIII schools at the Mass. Outstanding was a rendition of "Ave Maria" by Catherine MacMaster accompanied at the piano by Nora O'Connor.  The President, Patricia Robinson, paid tribute to the members of today, who in the tradition of their predecessors, display the same devotion to the Parish, both spiritually, and in the temporal works of charity.   Honored particularly on the 50th anniversary celebration were the following senior members: Mrs. John Dodge, Mrs. Horace Chenier, Mrs. James Cameron, Miss May Daze, Mrs. Dan O'Connor, Miss Genevieve Herrick, Mrs. James Herrick, Mrs. P. J. Herrick, Mrs. John Havey Sr., Mrs. Charles Laderoute, Mrs. James Legree, Mrs. Archie Meek, Mrs. Ed. Moran, Mrs. Gerald Gelineau, Mrs. George Noonan, Mrs. J. S. McKay, Mrs. Eileen Pulcine, Miss Ann Mathewson, Miss Edith Mathewson, Mrs. Howard McVean, Mrs. P. Roach, Mrs. William Ruddy, Mrs. Gervais Teevens, and a charter member Mrs. Leo O'Neill.   The Golden Jubilee executive of 1974 was as follows: Spiritual Director, Rt. Rev. Monsignor R. E. Dillon; President, Patricia Robinson; 1st. Vice-president, Helen Colton; 2nd. Vice-President, Frances Smith; 3rd. Vice-President, Joyce White-lock; Treasurer, Estelle Grenier; Recording Secretary, Ella Marcellus; Corresponding Secretary, Catherine MacMaster; Past President, Rita Moran; Councillors, Geraldine Paquette, Anne Lavoie, Rose Duhn, Shirley Laderoute, Doris Smith, Frances Smith, Mary Caillier and Leona Pultz.   The local sub-division hosted the 56th Annual Convention of the Pembroke Diocesan Council of the Catholic Women's League of Canada on Saturday, May 29th, 1976. The Convention Mass was celebrated by the Most Rev. J. R. Windle, Bishop of Pembroke, who also addressed the Convention earlier. Information for this page taken in part from THE CHURCH ON THE HILL: A History of St. John Chrysostom Parish 1857-1982 by LEO J. LAVOIE. Visit the Canadian CWL Website.
CATECHISING PARISH CHILDREN Annual classes that will begin again this fall for those children who families live within our parish boundaries or who are registered with our parish. Children aged 7 or who are in Grade 2 Sacraments of 1st CONFESSION / 1st HOLY COMMUNION Children aged 12 or who are in Grade 7 Sacrament of CONFIRMATION Information/Registration forms are available at the Parish Office or at our Local Catholic Elementary Schools of Arnprior  
CONTACT US Please contact the parish office in order to present yourselves for the Sacrament of Marriage You will be given the full timetable and all conditions that our pastor will desire are fulfilled before you set your date. For the Sacrament of Baptism, please contact the parish office to arrange instruction/ preparation, and a date to be set aside. 
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